The RedCut Collective is composed of independent filmmakers whose aim is to strengthen the bonds with and among their peers in the Middle East by relying on shared experiences and knowledge. The RedCut Collective hopes to transcend geographical borders and create a space for convergence among independent filmmakers, particularly those in and from the Middle East. This collective aims to explore novel and creative forms of expression and break free from the capitalist conventions that dominate the film industry, in production, distribution, and audience engagement.


 Body Security and Home

 Body Security and Home

An Analysis of Five Short Films by Young Female Filmmakers from Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, and Palestine to be soon showcased at the 32nd Raindance Festival 2024 in London, curated by Mania Akbari. Authors: Pegah Pezeshki and Mania Akbari Trauma, body, and geography...


The censorship and other ever tightening restrictions imposed by oppressive and totalitarian regimes, on the one hand, and the influence of global commercial interests, on the other, have for long dimmed the prospects of independent filmmaking in many parts of the Middle East. The RedCut Collective rejects systematic control and various forms of censorship and self-censorship, seeking to provide a platform for independent filmmakers to freely express their ideas. RedCut’s alternative path involves rediscovering, understanding, and engaging with what can only be called a truly collective independent cinema. The focus in this path will be on independent filmmakers who have fought against class, gender, and ethnic oppression, consistently working to expose and challenge structures of suppression and dominance.